About Me

Essentially “weird”.

  • A bookworm, movie-enthusiast, blogger and anime-lover.
  • An introvert who likes walking long distances, while listening to her trusty MP3 player.
  • Would like to become a Professional Freelance Portrait Artist sometime before going six feet below.
  • Would like to write a book in the future (whenever that may be).
  • A person with androgynous inclinations. Moody and erratic.Sometimes hard to deal with. Let’s add sarcastic and cynical as well. (joke!)
  • An “aimless fool who likes to wander” and has come to terms with her depression, seeing it as an integral part of her life. No worries. πŸ™‚

7 things that used to scare me (btw, some of them still scare me):

  1. sound of the power saw (chainsaw) – my number one fear. we used to live near a lumber owned land (Bay, Laguna), the sound of the chainsaw will cause me to climb the table or hide in any other area where i feel i’d be safe (there was an incident wherein i tried to climb my father’s back!).
  2. aswang/manananggal/freddy kreuger/jason voorhees/ – all sorts of fictional monsters, especially the “cha bun kwa” (w/c was actually the name of a lion in an old reader’s digest issue) and the “sipay” (they kidnap young children, or so my parents say).
  3. monotony, repetition
  4. darkness (dark places)
  5. failure
  6. humiliation
  7. certain kinds of people.

7 things that scare me now:

  1. failure
  2. losing my right hand (aka my drawing hand)
  3. not being able to transform my thoughts into artworks (there are times when my creative juices run dry – i get intensely scared and frustrated)
  4. getting very horrible injuries.
  5. being bogged down by chronic depression/obssessive tendencies.
  6. losing my mind.
  7. monotony, repetition

7 things i like the most:

  1. books/writing
  2. drawing/sketching/painting
  3. video games/surfing the net
  4. food
  5. psychology, crime, the paranormal
  6. witty jokes
  7. music (can go from rock to classical)

7 random facts about me

  1. I like spending a great deal of my time alone (especially when i’m working on something).
  2. I’m often thought of as someone aloof, inconsiderate and even self-centered (i forget birthdays, forget to call or text my friends, and even forget to apologize etc.) But I bear no ill intentions, things just happen to slip from my mind. heh.
  3. I like eating “viscera” or “entrails” (excluding human ones!) – I especially prefer the heart, brains and lungs.
  4. I suffer from mild to severe mood swings and chronic absent-mindedness -here but not here-.
  5. I hate overwhelming odours (perfumes, smoke) – although I happen to like the smell of gasoline and rugby! O_o
  6. I like to read.
  7. I like to drink vinegar (this i don’t know why!)

7 important things in my bedroom:

  1. my cabinet(s), where I store my various collections.
  2. my trusty laptop/internet connection
  3. movie collection.
  4. pencils & papers/sketch book(s) – (have to have one handy in case i get a sudden impulse to draw something!)
  5. DVD/CD collection
  6. TV set
  7. books

7 things i plan to do before i die (seems too early for that):

  1. paint and draw (as many as i possibly can!) or illustrate a book
  2. actually finish a story/write a book
  3. visit transylvania, alcatraz, auschwitz (and all the nazi camps all over europe) and the holocaust memorial.
  4. do something of worth
  5. build a cabin/house on a remote, mountainous area. (this idea i had since i was a child – never lost it’s appeal)
  6. find peace of mind.
  7. try to grow up O__O

7 things i can do:

  1. write
  2. draw
  3. cross stitch
  4. cook
  5. design websites
  6. the Heimlich maneuver (just kidding)
  7. walk long distances (something i happen to enjoy)

7 things i can’t do

  1. sing!
  2. dance!
  3. talk for long periods of time (that’s why i prefer written communication) – but alas, I’ve worked as a call center agent twice
  4. interact with a large number of people (i get dizzy and disoriented after a while)
  5. sit still for long (I’ll stamp my feet and drum my fingers)
  6. apologize (?) well, not really but it takes a great deal before i can, even if i’m the one who’s wrong. but i’m working on it!
  7. babysit for a long period of time (i tend to lose my patience).

7 things that attract me to the opposite sex

  1. the IT factor (right attitude above all)
  2. unusual face (could vary)
  3. witty conversation
  4. sense of humor
  5. intellect
  6. some special skill–cooking, playing an instrument, singing, dancing, whatever
  7. integrity

7 things i say the most

  1. lintek!
  2. pucha!
  3. sieteng unggoy!
  4. naman!
  5. naloko na!
  6. why? or at bakit?
  7. ano kayang problema (mo/nya/non/ko)


8 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. im interested in doing new things unfornately i dont have the means to do that im a novice in this field please please help me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. ay, wala pa kong napanood sa mga nabanggit mo. ang mga pinapanood ko kasi eh karamihan puro comedy. ^__^;; pero i’ll check it out at crunchy. muka ngang disturbing sa synopsis pa lang. mas disturbing pa sa mga storya ng baliw sa hell girl!

  3. hey cousin kamosta ahahaha napadaan lng sa tagal nating magpinsan ngayon ko lng nalaman na takot ka pala chainsaw ehehehe ingat lage! miss nakita at bonding moment natin! πŸ˜€ hope to see you soon!

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