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Sanctuary (S1) Review

This is going to be a “write as I watch review” so most likely this post won’t  be enough to cover all episodes. I’ll try my best to be objective.

Premise: Intrepid Criminal Profiler Dr. Zimmerman gets recruited by a team of supernatural hunters (as in
they hunt supernatural creatures or sometimes the creatures voluntarily give themselves up) who reside in a
decidedly badass looking castle – rather like a mental health facility for things that go bump in the

Episode One – So we are introduced to our hero Dr. Will Zimmerman who was booted by “the Agency” (the FBI
most likely) for “chronic weirdness”(you know what I’m talking about). We get the usual establishing
narrative of how weird he is through a murder case where we encounter of our first “creature” (a mutant boy
from Chernobyl who possess a killer apendage of sorts). Needless to say he accepted the role of shrink to
these dispossesed and lost entities. He’s given an obligatory tour of the castle by Dr. Helen Magnus –
founder and leader of the Team – I’m not sure what they call themselves – The Society for the Preservation
of All Things That Will Most Likely Creep Out Normal People?? We also met Dr. Magnus’ “Selene-esque” daughter Ashley (who I’m SURE is Will’s designated love interest).

Interesting Bits:
The introduction of Darth Vader- I mean John Druitt – who as it turns out is Ashley’s long lost father –
who is also “Jack the Ripper”. We were given a rather interesting explanation on why he never got caught
..the guy can teleport just like Nightcrawler. Being a veteran of detecting “dysfunctional love-hate
relationships”, I can tell right away that this is the case between him and Helen. They alternate between
trying to “quasi-murder” each other to staring longingly at each other’s eyes – possibly hoping that other
person will blink first. :p He’s out of the picture for now, but of course he will pop in from time to

Will’s “backstory” – turns out Helen (she’s 157 years old by the way) saved him when he was a kid (from
what I can tell from the flashbacks, him and his mom were attacked by a creature that looks suspiciously
like “Balawis”.) I’m fairly certain there is more to this story.

Episode Two – It’s usually not a good sign when I’m already starting to get annoyed and it’s only the
second episode. They “rescue” three semi undead women (more like in suspended animation) from a crypt
inhabited by er..creepy, masked creatures in SCOTLAND (this is going to be important later). So yeah, our heroes
brought the still sleeping (?) women to their castle-base to try and wake them up (most likely to ask how
life was a thousand years ago). What irked me was the scene when one of them woke up. Of course we have our
Dr. Zimmerman trying to talk to the girl, saying something like “you are in a medical facility” (???) I
don’t know, if you are a woman from SCOTLAND circa “880 BC” would you know what the heck the
guy was saying?? To make matters worse, when the girl spoke she was sporting a modern AMERICAN ACCENT
(??!!) Seven Hells?

Ooops! Perhaps I misjudged a little. They did notice the “language-thing”. I’m going to shut up and finish the episode before making decidedly premature comments.

Done with Episode 2. Explanation for the American Accent? The women are “telesthetic”. Nice one writers. That saves the actresses from having to adopt a Scottish drawl.

Interesting bits:

The Cabal  – A “Knights-Templar” type of organization that has managed to survive the modern times by infiltrating important institutions (military, medical, you name it). Nothing too surprising there. Turns out they “own” these women. The women by the way are called “The Morgana” – as Will so aptly put it, “witches from the middle ages” who posses the power to make men drop dead  like flies just by being near them (not unlike some other women I know). I’ve got a feeling this is “the big bad organization”.

The Brooklyn Bridge (?) – I’m not quite sure what happened. I’m guessing a cataclysm of sorts. Because for some reason,  the bridge has been torn in half. Must study this further. On to the next episode.