Calendar Designs

march07 Month: March 2007

Theme: Hotel Rwanda

Description: It’s quite obvious that I’ve just seen the movie “Hotel Rwanda” (a hands-down performance by Don Cheadle) at that time. Basically, I just wanted to “encapsulate” the movie’s theme in this one. The over-all effect was sad, although unintentionally “chaotic”; might have used too much “air-brushing”. Also I think the colour came off a bit”sickly”? I did this one in an IT Cafe, time is deficient, so that may have been a factor as well.

may07Month: May 2007

Theme: Pirates of the Caribbean

Description: Well, May ’07 was “PotC” month. I specifically focused on the relationship between the three main characters, with emphasis on Jack/Liz – yes, although, of course we know how things will eventually turn out, but it doesn’t hurt to speculate. Sorry, it’s the “fan girl” side speaking here. 😀 As for the over all design, I think it’s organized enough, and I was able to convey the message quite clearly (well if you read the dialogue and look at the entire piece), although I may have gone overboard on the “halftone pattern”.

oct07 Month: October 2007

Theme: Star Wars (The Skywalkers)

Description: My first Photoshop project after acquiring the “goods” (this one spent a month on my desktop as a wallpaper). Was on an experimental mood here, so. This one was what I’d call an “accidental design”, as I don’t have a clear concept of what I wish to portray here. Basically, just a couple of pictures “lumped together”. But I rather like the colours. I particularly enjoyed that bit of “airbrushing” I did on the background.

nov07 Month: November 2007

Theme: Star Wars (The Phantom Menace – Queen Amidala)

Description: I think I got lazy on this one. It started off as “800 X 600” (but I decided to trim the unnecessary parts), once again I don’t have a clear concept here. And forgive the text at the bottom, an excerpt from Elton John’s 1997 rendition of “Candle in the Wind”, I just thought it would be appropriate at that time.

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