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….and I’m back (sort of)!

Haven’t written anything in here for quite sometime. I intend to rectify that. A lot has happened (some I still can’t get my head around, but I’m definitely getting there. Hopefully.) new people met, a few adventures here and there. 🙂

Might overhaul the site a little bit. I like writing about diverse topics: travel (I’ve been to quite a few places recently), food (I’m still a certified food enthusiast, although I’ve decided to “watch what I eat”, switching to healthier options), art/drawing (my main interest, always has been), movie reviews, and random weirdness. I’ve also become interested in “fitness” (running marathons is something I enjoyed recently – starting with 10K, and another 21K next month) though I am by no means a “gym addict” – and have no desire whatsoever to be one, mind you. So in the following weeks I’ll try to write as much as I can. Writing is the equivalent of the “Pensieve” for me, not only helps me think clearly but also puts things in perspective when I’m slightly “out of sorts”. Man, the simple act of composing this entry felt like de-greasing an old rusty bucket of bolts (yey! another Star Wars reference, couldn’t help it, no?) I think I’ve been very rusty indeed in the writing department.

The “problem” I think is that I have too many “interests”. And they’re not even related to each other at times (cross stitching, photography and building Gundam models, what the heck right?) But I’ll try to “reconcile” them as much as I can (part of my New Year’s Resolution, if there ever was one).

The Joys of Dining Out (Alone)

For some reason, there is a notion that dining out with yourself as company is the equivalent of “pathetic”. Especially if you’re a woman. You can just visualize every head in the restaurant turning in your direction as soon as they hear the words “A table for one, please.” (on a side note: you can say that using your very best Darth Vader voice and wait for their reaction :D) *Eye Roll* Then it will certainly be followed by various pitying/patronizing looks and mutterings. What? Is this the high school cafeteria? Do you also expect the requisite jock to manhandle you (if you’re a guy) or the random snickering coming from the “popular” table (if you’re a girl). Please! Let’s grow up a bit and realize that the world does not revolve around you. And that unless you are Jennifer Aniston, nobody cares that you are single and dining out alone!

I usually dine out with one of my gay friends or my cousin (because I’m practically oozing pathetic from every pore and can’t find a decent guy to save my life. *snicker*). Said gay friend recently acquired a boyfriend (I’m happy for them by the way. But I don’t fancy being the proverbial third wheel), so it’s definitely a no-go in that direction. My cousin and I only see each other every other weekend. Does this mean I have to sit in my room, staring at the walls the entire day, because I don’t have anyone to go out with?? Didn’t think so. Besides, I’m a fan of dining out. I consider it a “treat” after  long hours of working my ass off.

I’ve been dining out by myself for quite sometime. And believe me, it does have benefits. One of which is you can really savor the food without having to make conversation. No discussions about the menu and no worries whether the food you are getting makes you appear like a glutton; thereby busting your chances of getting a second date (so yeah, go ahead, demolish that entire serving of Nabemono, with Gyoza or Takoyaki on the side; then order a large platter of Kani Salad  or Sashimi. Have a beer afterwards.) Another is that you can do anything you damn well please (as long as it does not involve yelling “It’s a trap!” at your fellow diners) 😀 I usually bring a book to read or take notes on the quality of the food or service I’m getting. Or surreptitiously watch and contemplate the rest of humanity from my table (for this purpose I  mostly request a seat near the window.)

Japanese restaurants are the best option, in my opinion, for “quirky-alone” diners like myself. Because they have the option of dining at the counter (bar) where you can also watch the chef prepare your food. That or mind your own business. I would definitely recommend Little Tokyo (a cluster of  authentic Japanese restaurants along Pasong Tamo, Makati). Great service and no-frills dining. No mutterings and judging stares so far. 😛

Lastly, so what if they are in fact judging you for dining out by yourself? Are they the ones paying the bill?? The answer is no. So there is absolutely no reason to be bothered, at all.

I’ll try Chelsea at Serendra this weekend. A little too upscale for my taste. But I could have imaginary conversations with Hannibal Lecter. 🙂

08/25 – 26/12 Odds and Ends

Listening to: “Wag Kang Matakot” by Eraserheads

Reading : “Julie and Julia” by Julie Powell

This is by far one of my more “productive” weekends. Meaning, I’ve actually managed to do something of import. As opposed to sleeping my ass off from sunrise to sundown (and sometimes all throughout the evening as well. I tend to wake up around 1:00 AM though).

One of my friends invited me to become a member of one of the art groups he’s currently into. An exhibit is due on September 10, 2012. So I’m currently working on my piece. Hopefully, I will be able to finish it before then. It’s pretty big (20×30, Acrylic on canvas), but I’m much comfortable working on larger pieces, more room for details and I don’t have to strain my eyes (and my hands).

From time to time I like to go out by myself.  So that’s what I did yesterday. Decided to visit Little Tokyo (along Pasong Tamo, Makati) and eat at “Hana” (one of my go-to restaurants aside from “Izakaya Kikufuji”). I had Chirashi Don (that is rice topped with various sashimi and seaweeds), Miso Soup (which comes with the Chirashi Don meal) and 6 pieces of steaming hot, authentic Takoyaki. Needless to say, I left with a full stomach (though not necessarily heavy). Oh, and they gave me another free drink stub. I might come back later for a bottle of beer. Cheers!

I also bought a couple of DVDs at MCS. They already have a Blue Ray copy of  Hunger Games ( the pirated variety of course) then went to “Market! Market!” and watched “Total Recall”. It’s an OK movie (if you happen to love seeing Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel kicking some serious ass. I’m not much of a Colin Farrell fan though). It strongly reminded me of “Blade Runner” (neon, Chinese signs, loads of grime and of course, who could forget the rain), “Fallout” (just look at the “No-Zone” sequence; I expected large green mutants to pop up and attack the characters) and oddly enough “The Bourne Identity”. Maybe we can call it “The Quaid Identity” or some such. 😀

Not sure what my plan is today. I might come back at Little Tokyo. I have half a mind to try the “Shinjuku Ramen House” and their famous Gyoza. I’ll try to see if I can finish at least 3/4’s of the painting  tonight.

Ramblings of a Sleepyhead..

There. The title says it all. I haven’t slept properly today.  Wait, I haven’t been sleeping properly for almost a year now.  Let’s see how long this would last.  The truth is, I think I should really congratulate myself (applause, applause) for even managing to hang on for this long.  With my previous jobs I usually stay 6 months and “disappear”. Anyway, don’t expect anything coherent at all from this post (but of course I shall try my very best to make it so – *bow*). I’m writing this so as not to suddenly find myself being issued another paper for “sleeping” (which is yes, a terminable offense in this job, the normal body clock be damned).

And here we go..

I’ve been thinking of  doing this end of the year review. Probably will, probably won’t; as it is quite possible that I might just forget to do so. In any case, I’m glad my year isn’t as chaotic as the last. What with all the shenanigans concerning our old house. That one is over now (hopefully).

Let’s make a list.

Stuff I’d like to do & some random thoughts:

  1. I’d like to draw again. What I meant was to actually finish something, as opposed to starting some preliminary sketch and consigning it to oblivion. I have to give myself a mental poke to get my niece’s portrait finished this weekend. And start another one. The main ingredient for a successful drawing for me is “peace & quiet”. I must be completely relaxed when I’m sketching or else the results would embarrass Pollock.
  2. Been reading a couple of books. I’m into “Schindler’s Ark” (I miss that old graffiti-ed copy of mine back in high school) and “Buffy” (Book 2)  . I’d like to get the first book (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) of the millenium Trilogy by Steig Larsson, been hearing a lot of positive reviews about it. And the heroine looks positively kick-ass.
  3. Observation: just realized something. Don’t know if it’s good or bad. Who cares anyway, maybe I do. Must look into this.
  4. I managed to finally visit Fully Booked Bonifacio Branch sometime ago (around the end of November I think). Made me happy (it’s like a giant library except everything is for sale – you can read in a corner and no one will bother you) and quite sad at the same time. The comic book/art section suddenly reminded me of how far from my calling I am. Gave me a “glimpse” of what I should be doing instead of being stuck someplace else. Anyway, knock on wood, I’m not complaining about my current profession at all (no sir), what I’m saying is that it’s not a place where I can utilize my own talents.

I don’t care how you do it…

just save me! More music please!

Listening to: “Save Me” (what else?)  by Remy Zero

What a way to productively spend my rest day! I spent the last 3 hours (maybe more) watching Smallville; and managed to finish (again) Season One in it’s entirety. Even crossed over to Season 2 (first couple of episodes). I find the whole show very enjoyable, if a little episodic in the beginning.

I feel rather sorry for Lex Luthor (played very well by Michael Rosenbaum), he is really trying hard to go against his darker leanings (can you say walking the very fine line between good and evil?) Clark is extremely likable, a little bit obtuse from time to time, but essentially a good person. I like the fact that he is very loyal and loving to his friends (and some of the credit goes to Jonathan and Martha Kent for raising him so well). Lana’s ok, but I think she is more suited to Lex Luthor (I know! My personal bias is showing! hehe I’ve always been a Lex-Lana fan ) than Clark Kent (Chloe is better-suited to Clark, they just don’t know it). Speaking of Chloe Sullivan. She’s my favourite character, don’t even ask why. I’ll tell anyway, she’s the one I can relate to the most. You  know, newspaper staff in high school? Brainy girl? Well, not just that, but a myriad of other things (I like her fashion sense as well. Brainy-chic.) I’ll say this, I’ve always been glad to be appreciated for my supposed “intelligence” (academic and other-wise) and visual talents, but sometimes, a person wants to be noticed for other things as well (not just because your name is plastered in the honors list or you’ve happened to finish a good drawing). But at the end of the day, I think a person should have been happy to have been appreciated in any way at all. And it may sound totally unrelated, but in my lif e experience,  it’s important for people to build a “strong backbone” (lest you get trampled upon) . Apart from maintaining good friendships.

I’ll finish Season 2 today probably. I just kept pressing the “Next” button on the DVD player and then I noticed it’s already 8:30 in the morning.

I did not totally laze-around the house all day though, I spent some time “cooking” (although I’m not much of a cook), washing some dishes, and doing the laundry (the usual domestic stuff). Not to mention wiping off dog poo.

I’ve also finished reading “Dead to the World” by Charlaine Harris (book 4 of the Sookie Stackhouse novels). It’s an immensely good read. Not like the tripe that is  Twilight (sorry, can’t resist the comparison). It’s more of an adventure than actual romance, and the plot is fast moving and quite concise. Most of all, Sookie is a much better narrator and character than Bella Swan. She has a sharp, witty, if sometimes ironic sense of humor. She knows who she is and is very much comfy in her own skin. And insists that she be treated as an equal by both Bill (and Eric).Although I think Eric is the one who really knows how to treat her well. Another very nice quality of hers is that she doesn’t wallow in despair like Bella. So Bill went to Peru, life goes on. You can’t suddenly become incapacitated just because your boyfriend left you. Most of all, Sookie has the backbone I’m talking about earlier, possibly borne out of her “talent”/”disability”.

Back to real life. Things are looking better at work, but not peachy (we’re expected to be on ultra-formal tomorrow).  Although I always try to keep my work and my “Life” in separate boxes. I have this tendency to compartmentalize. Hard habit to break.

I was cleaning up and then there were zombies…

Watching: “Resident Evil: Degeneration” (wasn’t able to finish it the first time)

Reading: “Cold Mountain” by Charles Frazier

(on a related note, aside from this book, I’m also able to get something by E. Annie Proulx all for 50php each-and hardbound to boot – at   Makati Cinema Square. I’ll go back there probably by next payout to check out some more books.  I have Percy Jackson and the Olympians on my next reading list – the protagonist has the same name as my younger brother, Perseus – but I’ll need to go to Fully Booked for those).

In our apartment, things tend to pile up (dishes, clothes, footware, books). No matter what sort of clean up you try to do. That can’t be helped since all 6 of us work in the night shift. And like vampires, we are asleep during the day (except maybe on weekends). I’ve just finished washing last night’s dishes (left in the sink until someone gets in the mood to wash them) and believe me, I’ll see another pile tomorrow. I’m not complaining though. I like the people I’m living with. Just an observation. 😉

Not a bad week, I guess. Somehow,  I can see that things are progressing for the better. Update on RE: Degeneration, so why was Leon Scott Kennedy the only one not wearing any protective gear?? I understand he’s the big, bad-ass agent sent by the White House – due to his experience in handling zombified citizens – but I’m quite sure he’s not bite-resistant, is he? I guess the helmet would mess-up his hair! Don’t get me wrong, I love the Resident Evil games (the movies are another story); but don’t tell me you didn’t notice some “impracticalities” from time to time. Just look at Jill Valentine’s attire on RE: Nemesis (which they have unwisely adopted in the movie). Would you fight zombies on a skirt and a tank top?? On top of that, the T-Virus is highly infectious. What if she gets bitten by infected mosquitoes?? But that’s just me being nitpicky.

>on RE: Degeneration : They are now being herded together in a military camp (Leon, Claire and the rest) just outside the airport. Trust me, the military is always almost useless on RE games; their only purpose is to propagate the number of the infected-undead. Oh and the vaccine just happened to be destroyed. And before the movie is over, I’m sure the long-haired guy (who happens to be the older brother of  one of the SRT members – the Japanese really love this theme) shown earlier will make an appearance. Will he be the customary “boss”? I’m getting ahead of myself. Really? Or will that be the Brit-guy?

>on RE: Degeneration : And Brit-guy with the sexy accent just invited Claire to “a late afternoon tea”. Naturally, she said yes. This movie is getting better all the time.

Tomorrow is laundry day. Yay! If I can manage to finish with HealthLab early.

>on RE: Degeneration : Ok, so big-brother (named Curtis) is the “Birkin” stand-in (he didn’t manage to keep his full consciousness either). He’s now fully transformed (after many explosions), and looks far uglier than Nemesis. Movie is almost over. From what I’ve seen, it’s a conglomeration of plots from the previous RE games. Wait! Brit-guy just disappeared.

I’m quite excited to see the re-make of  “Clash of the Titans” (I’ve seen the 1981 version when I was in the 5th grade, shown alongside “Sakay”, if you can believe it). It has to be exciting, with Liam Neeson as Zeus, and Ralph Fiennes as Hades. Sam Worthington as Perseus? well I guess he’s ok (I can see an action-fantasy actor in the making).

Random Insanity and Bad Movies

Forgive this post for occasional lack of coherence, it’s 11:28 pm here and I haven’t taken a bath yet. How’s that for an excuse?

Ok, I’m back at the boarding house (I just went and submitted my requirements for a company I will not mention here. Top secret stuff) here in Manila. Neil Gaiman was at Rockwell today apparently. Too bad I wasn’t able to make it for a number of reasons (including lack of funds).

I curse the person who typed my NBI Clearance. How could he/she make the mistake of misspelling my name? Well, not entirely, more like a single letter typo. Which is more infuriating, considering it’s the reason I’m stuck in here;  I’m also pissed with myself for not checking! Another thing, is my lack of success at procuring funds from a relative, whom I know has money (but refuses to help because of blah, blah, blah, excuses, excuses). I  may sound childish,  but I’m shot of him. Ok, moving on.

I’m currently watching something called “Dinocroc”. No kidding. I like watching B-Movies from time to time.  As the title implies, it’s about a dinosaur-crocodile hybrid running amok and killing a bunch of people. Opens with some guy (who looks suspiciously like Crocodile Dundee) sitting on a boat, trying to shoot something in the murky waters of a place called Ngukurr, Northern Australia. Oh, wait I missed something, he sort of slit his arm open to draw blood (to attract whatever creature he is hunting I presume. Although I miss the point of injuring yourself on purpose while on the hunt. He could have drawn the blood earlier or something). Well, cue in some exposition (in the form of power-pointy letters) and supposedly-scary-but-really-annoying music. And now we cut to  scientists making genetic experiments on some lab. For the purposes of what? I forgot. Anyway, one of the specimens went postal and destroys the cameras on the holding cell. Of course the first thing a sensible person would do is to ENTER the cage, when you don’t KNOW WHERE the creature is. How this person ever became a scientist boggles the mind.

So, naturally, the girl gets killed and the creature escapes. Let’s see what happens. I’m sure “Crocodile Dundee” will appear later. And there’s a kid with a missing dog. I think I know where this is going. Hm. And the guy who plays the sheriff of sorts looks awfully familiar (I’m sure I’ve seen him as a minor character on another movie).

weary from the days crimes…

Reading: “Duma Key” by Stephen King

WIP: Benicio del Toro as Che Guevara (pencils on water colour paper)

Secondary title: Boredom and Loathing in the Elevator

Who knew that waiting for the elevator could be such a mind-numbing experience?? I do.  It takes (literally) hours (longest so far was an hour and a half) just so we can get in the infernal lift and leave the building. I wonder if the management of Burgundy Tower is planning to do something about this. Yesterday, a spectacular battle of wills between a certain building tenant (which is not me, I assure you) and the Elevator guy occured. Said tenant claimed that E-guy was not doing his job (which extremely offended tha latter, as he must be feeling particularly high strung that day, I’m not sure).

Anyway, I’m feeling exceptionally tired today (lack of sleep I guess). I finally got to fix my phone (I’m still wondering what really happened, my unit does not usually ask for a security code, which turned out to be so simple I want to bludgeon myself!) Thank goodness for the Master Code Generator.

Another thing. A good living/working environment for me is anywhere I can draw comfortably. Today, I started a prelimenary study/sketch of Benicio Del Toro as Che Guevara, in the upcoming movie Che: A Revolutionary Life, below is my take on the film trailer (copied from my other blog):

“We execute. And will continue to execute…Homeland or Death!” — Ernesto Guevara

Well, instead of endlessly swooning about the release of the infernal “Twilight”, I think I’d spend my time watching out for more worthy films.

Just like this biopic about Argentinian doctor-turned-revolutionary Ernesto “Che” Guevara de la Serna; directed by Steve Soderbergh. Click here to see the trailer (and I guarantee it’s fantastic)

At 260 minutes, its a bit long (and still too short to chronicle the life of this rather contradictory figure. Healer and Executioner. Kind and Brutal. Practical and Naive. And so on). I’ve seen several pictures of him with his wife and children (I must really get that memoir by Aleida Guevara March, his eldest daughter), and numerous testimonies from other people who were close to him, not to mention read some of his writings and I could tell he has an enormous capacity to be idealistic, egalitarian and quite affectionate; But still many percieve him as ruthless killer (he’s known in some circles as “The Butcher of La Cubana”).

And it’s rather ironic that he was fully embraced by the culture he so violently despised.

But the people at Cannes film festival were (most of them anyway) raving about Benicio del Toro’s performance (he got a best actor award too).

As one critic put it: “A lengthy and complex portrait of Che as a revolutionary, a leader of a guerilla band, a doctor, a believer in obedience and loyalty, and a man willing to suffer for his beliefs.”

“Soderbergh shows us many different sides of the revolutionary as a
leader of men; as a doctor who heals not only his comrades but the poor
in villages; as a disciplinarian who believes in the rigors of
obedience and loyalty to the cause; as a lifelong learner who manages
to read and write while existing in the jungle; and as a soldier whose
passion for justice is fueled by confidence in armed resistance. The
chilling finale reveals that violence only begets more violence in a
never-ending cycle.”

I don’t think they’ll screen it here though. I’ll have to wait for the “pirated editions” then.

To continue, the drawing was pretty up to my usual standards. It’s in preparation for a detailed portrait of the real Che. I’m enjoying the whole sketching process until I ran out of  2B “points” for my mechanical pencil.

 I really must get Jon Lee Anderson’s Che: A Revolutionary Life. A rather balanced biography they say, one which neither glorifies nor criticizes it’s main subject; but rather paints both the “good” and “bad” aspects of this complicated and sometimes contradictory man.

Finally, our training exams are over. I must say this is the worst training experience so far, it’s so dull, I fell asleep several times; and everyone except for a select few seems to have an attitude problem. And did I mention the elevator? What else is there??

I must get some sleep now. Really.

New Drawings, the Low-down on Twilight, etc…

Listening to: “The Tudors” Main Theme
Reading: “The Catcher in the Rye” by J.D. Salinger
Watching: “The Tudors”
Two new drawings. Well not exactly. I did them 2 months ago, but couldn’t find time to have them scanned. “Real Life TM” keeps getting in the way.
I have “A. Jolie from WANTED” and as you can see (way) below, Padme in refugee disguise.
Angelina Jolie as Fox from the movie WANTED. Pencil on drawing paper. By M.R. Ayo
Angelina Jolie as Fox from the movie WANTED. Pencil on drawing paper. By M.R. Ayo

With that out of the way, let’s move on. I’ve recently seen the teaser poster for the movie “Twilight”. And must admit I was intrigued. The guy was handsome (didn’t realize that it was Robert Pattinson – Cedric Diggory from the fourth Harry Potter movie- until a much closer inspection), definitely caught my eye. So, off I go for some research to find out what “Twilight” was all about (sorry I’ve been living inside a cave, I’ve seen the covers in my local bookshop; but I was too busy with Chuck Palahniuk, Ayn Rand and Neil Gaiman to pay much attention to the crowds swarming around “the hottest thing since Harry Potter”). Turns out this was a YA series about a girl who falls in love with a vampire. Alright, there’s nothing wrong with that. I’m not a die-hard fan of vampire romances, but I’ve definitely read my share of Bram Stoker, Anne Rice and watched shows like “Forever Knight”, “Angel”, “Buffy” and “Moonlight” (latest favourite).

There were four books in the series (Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn) and it was written by one Stephanie Meyer, according to the what I gathered she’s “a Mormon housewife-turned-novelist”, nothing wrong with that either. I proceeded to find e-book copies of “Twilight” (don’t want to waste money, so I’ll look first if it’s worth reading), and read some reviews.

After some reading, the verdict is, Twilight Series is a bad, bad book. To even put it in the same level as Harry Potter is an insult to Joanne Rowling. I am a Harry Potter fan and an avid reader of fantasy novels, I’ve read and re-read all the seven books numerous times, especially when I’m stressed; although I can’t be bothered with cosplaying, collecting wands and all that. I just stick with the books and occasionally draw the characters. It’s not Ayn Rand or Virginia Woolf, but there was something magical and compelling about the characters and the world J.k. Rowling created, that’s it’s worthy of comparison to Charles Dickens and J.R.R. Tolkien. Even Stephen King loved it (if you’ve read the Dark Tower Series, he incorporated some HP elements in there). Harry Potter is about the importance of friendship, bravery, loyalty, equality, second chances and looking beyond physical appearances, whereas Twilight is all about PHYSICAL BEAUTY.

With Twilight the comparison should not be to J.K. Rowling (the only thing Meyer and Rowling has in common is that they were both mothers) but to Christopher Paulini’s Eragon. But at least Eragon was “readable” – granted, Chris Paulini wrote it when he was 15 years old, and as we say here in the Philippines, “Hello!”, and it got a little better as the author matured. Ms. Meyer came up with Twilight in her thirties, after a degree in English(!) and this “travesty” is the result. I mean I’ve read much, much better fanfiction (I’ve written a couple myself a few years ago and hey..maybe I can get published too! *eye roll*)

Where to start?

The writing itself is a “headache”, so to speak. I keep “stumbling” along paragraphs and thinking, “What the hell was that supposed to mean??”. “Incandescent chest”?? “Scintillating arms??” “the meadow paled??” paled?? really?? Hello! And was it necessary to tell the readers that Bella had a granola bar for breakfast, while being very vague about the entire plot – if there was one? How does that help the story? Please enlighten me. Unnecessary descriptions abound as well.

Next would be “THE Characters (TM)”. Bella Swan (short for Isabella Swan – I mean, do you notice that “subtlety” or lack thereof?) was the worst protagonist I’ve ever encountered (too bad the novel is in first-person) she’s the American version of Miaka Yuuki. She has no ambitions, no beliefs, no backbone (she can’t walk two steps without getting almost raped, kidnapped etc.) and literally no life without Edward around her. She’s “unconditionally and irrevocably in-love” with him after 2 weeks! Wow! All she does is go on and on about how perfect, beautiful, god-like, seraphic, an angel and so on he is -the first 100(!) pages are more or less about her obsession with his supposed perfection. The girl is a flake and a card-board cut-out of a character, she describes herself as “clumsy”, “shy” and “not attractive”, really?? But what about having 5 boys practically following her around after 2 days in a new town, for doing nothing(!) how is that for “not attractive”? Because she’s “special” as the author never fails to remind us (but why was she special?? no “proof” or reason was given, she’s not particularly intelligent – but some people would dare compare her to Elizabeth Bennett or Jane Eyre?? – nor is she genuinely kind, friendly etc., she’s not even an “anti-heroine”, she’s simply a black hole).

What’s more she “loves” Edward because he’s beautiful, and we are not talking about inner beauty here, no sir. Again it’s his perfect teeth, smile, face whatever. And if I have to read more descriptions about how beautiful, perfect and god-like Edward is, I’m going to puke. Oh, before I forget, he “glitters” as well. Isn’t it amazing? And Edward loves her because she smells like gourmet food. If I wanted dysfunctional, twisted vampire-human relationships, I’d settle for “Hellsing”. At least Integral Hellsing is Alucard‘s “equal”, if not in strength then in mind. She can stand up to the force of his personality, whereas Isabella Swan follows Edward Cullen like a puppy, I mean she does almost everything old Eddie tells her to, without much thinking. He tries to control every aspect of her life and behaves like a peeping-tom; a primary candidate for a restraining order in other words.

Edward and Bella’s supposed “love” is not even worth looking into. They have no connection, emotional or intellectual. Their conversations are all about NOTHING. And this is what they want young girls to read?? That it’s ok to be “a woman of no substance”, that they should fall apart and try to jump of a cliff if their boyfriend left them? I’d never let my daughters touch this book. Never. What’s sad about Twilight was that there’s so much wasted potential, in the hands of a capable author, it might have developed into something worth reading.

There are way better titles, there’s “His Dark Materials Trilogy” by Philip Pullman – now, if I’m looking for a worthy heroine, there’s always Lyra Belacqua) or “The Chronicles of Narnia” by CS Lewis. And that really excellent YA book called “Speak” by Laurice Halse Anderson.

Padme in refugee disguise. Pencil on drawing paper. By M. R. Ayo
Padme in refugee disguise. Pencil on drawing paper. By M. R. Ayo

back for a bit…

Just a few updates on my life. I’m currently in-training (again) for a new job (new company, but not new job description. I’m still working in a call centre).

Currently reading: “The Other Boleyn Girl” by Philippa Greggory (my first “dabble” at something more romantic than political, well maybe not, I still haven’t finished “Atonement”by Ian McEwan.) Better find that copy of “The Fight Club” soon.

As per usual, whenever I get a full time job, there hardly is any spare moment for me to draw anything, plus the fact that I’m not entirely comfortable with the living accommodations (shall we say the group harmony is slowly unraveling). So I prefer to stay asleep or out most of the time, rather than provoke unseamly outbursts from the other party. I think I’ve made this part of the entry sufficiently vague for “them”. As for drawing, I’ll try to do a sketch or something tonight.

I also bought a “Death Note” replica (silver edition) for a wopping 299.00 pesos on a whim. Said replica has been sitting on the bed for 3 days now. I’ll have to think of something to do with it.

Movies to watch out will be: “HP: Half-Blood Prince” and “The Duchess” (will have to locate the book in the future).

OK. Be signing off for now.