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I think this would be obvious.

I was cleaning up and then there were zombies…

Watching: “Resident Evil: Degeneration” (wasn’t able to finish it the first time)

Reading: “Cold Mountain” by Charles Frazier

(on a related note, aside from this book, I’m also able to get something by E. Annie Proulx all for 50php each-and hardbound to boot – at   Makati Cinema Square. I’ll go back there probably by next payout to check out some more books.  I have Percy Jackson and the Olympians on my next reading list – the protagonist has the same name as my younger brother, Perseus – but I’ll need to go to Fully Booked for those).

In our apartment, things tend to pile up (dishes, clothes, footware, books). No matter what sort of clean up you try to do. That can’t be helped since all 6 of us work in the night shift. And like vampires, we are asleep during the day (except maybe on weekends). I’ve just finished washing last night’s dishes (left in the sink until someone gets in the mood to wash them) and believe me, I’ll see another pile tomorrow. I’m not complaining though. I like the people I’m living with. Just an observation. 😉

Not a bad week, I guess. Somehow,  I can see that things are progressing for the better. Update on RE: Degeneration, so why was Leon Scott Kennedy the only one not wearing any protective gear?? I understand he’s the big, bad-ass agent sent by the White House – due to his experience in handling zombified citizens – but I’m quite sure he’s not bite-resistant, is he? I guess the helmet would mess-up his hair! Don’t get me wrong, I love the Resident Evil games (the movies are another story); but don’t tell me you didn’t notice some “impracticalities” from time to time. Just look at Jill Valentine’s attire on RE: Nemesis (which they have unwisely adopted in the movie). Would you fight zombies on a skirt and a tank top?? On top of that, the T-Virus is highly infectious. What if she gets bitten by infected mosquitoes?? But that’s just me being nitpicky.

>on RE: Degeneration : They are now being herded together in a military camp (Leon, Claire and the rest) just outside the airport. Trust me, the military is always almost useless on RE games; their only purpose is to propagate the number of the infected-undead. Oh and the vaccine just happened to be destroyed. And before the movie is over, I’m sure the long-haired guy (who happens to be the older brother of  one of the SRT members – the Japanese really love this theme) shown earlier will make an appearance. Will he be the customary “boss”? I’m getting ahead of myself. Really? Or will that be the Brit-guy?

>on RE: Degeneration : And Brit-guy with the sexy accent just invited Claire to “a late afternoon tea”. Naturally, she said yes. This movie is getting better all the time.

Tomorrow is laundry day. Yay! If I can manage to finish with HealthLab early.

>on RE: Degeneration : Ok, so big-brother (named Curtis) is the “Birkin” stand-in (he didn’t manage to keep his full consciousness either). He’s now fully transformed (after many explosions), and looks far uglier than Nemesis. Movie is almost over. From what I’ve seen, it’s a conglomeration of plots from the previous RE games. Wait! Brit-guy just disappeared.

I’m quite excited to see the re-make of  “Clash of the Titans” (I’ve seen the 1981 version when I was in the 5th grade, shown alongside “Sakay”, if you can believe it). It has to be exciting, with Liam Neeson as Zeus, and Ralph Fiennes as Hades. Sam Worthington as Perseus? well I guess he’s ok (I can see an action-fantasy actor in the making).

weary from the days crimes…

Reading: “Duma Key” by Stephen King

WIP: Benicio del Toro as Che Guevara (pencils on water colour paper)

Secondary title: Boredom and Loathing in the Elevator

Who knew that waiting for the elevator could be such a mind-numbing experience?? I do.  It takes (literally) hours (longest so far was an hour and a half) just so we can get in the infernal lift and leave the building. I wonder if the management of Burgundy Tower is planning to do something about this. Yesterday, a spectacular battle of wills between a certain building tenant (which is not me, I assure you) and the Elevator guy occured. Said tenant claimed that E-guy was not doing his job (which extremely offended tha latter, as he must be feeling particularly high strung that day, I’m not sure).

Anyway, I’m feeling exceptionally tired today (lack of sleep I guess). I finally got to fix my phone (I’m still wondering what really happened, my unit does not usually ask for a security code, which turned out to be so simple I want to bludgeon myself!) Thank goodness for the Master Code Generator.

Another thing. A good living/working environment for me is anywhere I can draw comfortably. Today, I started a prelimenary study/sketch of Benicio Del Toro as Che Guevara, in the upcoming movie Che: A Revolutionary Life, below is my take on the film trailer (copied from my other blog):

“We execute. And will continue to execute…Homeland or Death!” — Ernesto Guevara

Well, instead of endlessly swooning about the release of the infernal “Twilight”, I think I’d spend my time watching out for more worthy films.

Just like this biopic about Argentinian doctor-turned-revolutionary Ernesto “Che” Guevara de la Serna; directed by Steve Soderbergh. Click here to see the trailer (and I guarantee it’s fantastic)

At 260 minutes, its a bit long (and still too short to chronicle the life of this rather contradictory figure. Healer and Executioner. Kind and Brutal. Practical and Naive. And so on). I’ve seen several pictures of him with his wife and children (I must really get that memoir by Aleida Guevara March, his eldest daughter), and numerous testimonies from other people who were close to him, not to mention read some of his writings and I could tell he has an enormous capacity to be idealistic, egalitarian and quite affectionate; But still many percieve him as ruthless killer (he’s known in some circles as “The Butcher of La Cubana”).

And it’s rather ironic that he was fully embraced by the culture he so violently despised.

But the people at Cannes film festival were (most of them anyway) raving about Benicio del Toro’s performance (he got a best actor award too).

As one critic put it: “A lengthy and complex portrait of Che as a revolutionary, a leader of a guerilla band, a doctor, a believer in obedience and loyalty, and a man willing to suffer for his beliefs.”

“Soderbergh shows us many different sides of the revolutionary as a
leader of men; as a doctor who heals not only his comrades but the poor
in villages; as a disciplinarian who believes in the rigors of
obedience and loyalty to the cause; as a lifelong learner who manages
to read and write while existing in the jungle; and as a soldier whose
passion for justice is fueled by confidence in armed resistance. The
chilling finale reveals that violence only begets more violence in a
never-ending cycle.”

I don’t think they’ll screen it here though. I’ll have to wait for the “pirated editions” then.

To continue, the drawing was pretty up to my usual standards. It’s in preparation for a detailed portrait of the real Che. I’m enjoying the whole sketching process until I ran out of  2B “points” for my mechanical pencil.

 I really must get Jon Lee Anderson’s Che: A Revolutionary Life. A rather balanced biography they say, one which neither glorifies nor criticizes it’s main subject; but rather paints both the “good” and “bad” aspects of this complicated and sometimes contradictory man.

Finally, our training exams are over. I must say this is the worst training experience so far, it’s so dull, I fell asleep several times; and everyone except for a select few seems to have an attitude problem. And did I mention the elevator? What else is there??

I must get some sleep now. Really.

“hate this place”

Please could you stop the noise, I’m trying to get some rest
From all the unborn chicken voices in my head

I may be repeating myself. The more you wish that the next day wouldn’t come, the more it arrives unnaturally fast. I’ve used up all my allowable absences. So I have to report to work tomorrow. Despite my “pretensions”, I rather despise this job (the truth is, talking has never been one of my strong points – even if I get complements for my supposedly “lovely” voice, sometimes I wish I was mute.)

I don’t get enough sleep anymore. I have disturbing dreams, and when I awake, instead of feeling refreshed, it seems as though someone has decided to beat me up while I slept.

I want to vanish.

Reading: “Twisted 8” by Jessica Zafra

Listening to: “Paranoid Android” by Radiohead

Watching: “Supernatural” and “Ergo Proxy” alternately.

Drawing In Progress: “The people of Middle Earth” (basically just a lose collage of the LotR cast)


Listening to: “I Love You…I’ll Kill You” by ENIGMA

Made another GW “photo-manip” while browsing through CrunchyRoll, looking for another movie to watch and review. Actually, I just finished my third one today. Something called “Reincarnation” (Japan), The plot was quite easy to discern. I found the entire film “flat”. There were elements from “The Shining” thrown in (happens in a hotel filled with murderous spirits for one thing). The lead was basically a non-character (shakes head*) and that goes for the entire cast (with the exception of Shun Oguri, too bad he has a very small part here). You know its bad when you laugh at the supposed-to-be-scary parts. But I wouldn’t say it’s “horrible”, just as I said before, “flat”. I was about to watch “Ichi the Killer” (another Takashi Miike outing) but when I found out that it’s heavily edited (due to scenes of graphic violence and gore), I decided not to. I don’t like “mutilated” films, much better to watch the whole thing as it is (I’ll see if I could find the uncut version at VEOH, but I doubt it).


I also wanted to see if they have streaming Gundam Wing, as I’ve left my copy in San Pablo City. Turns out they do, or did (it was removed due to licensing though). After 10 years, it’s still my favourite. Although I’ve seen SEED and Destiny in their entirety as well (and I found both engaging). But Gundam Wing has Heero Yuy; SEED’s main protagonist doesn’t sit well with me, apart from the fact that I generally prefer “Byronic anti/heroes” – those seemingly-cold, sullen, brooding characters, as they seem more interesting. And (maybe it’s just me), but SEED does get confusing at times, not because of the story, but because there are SO many characters (partly because supposedly-dead ones keep on coming back, and then they add another “pile” of new ones on top of that)! There’s a scattered feel to the proceedings and “character harmony”, (its an elusive quality I always look for, a sense that the characters are somehow “connected”, it’s either it’s there or it’s not) I’m sorry to say was very minimal.

Other CrunchyRollers were talking about a new Gundam Series (Gundam 00), I think. I’ll check it out sometime (streaming Episodes 1-10 are available now 😀 ). And according to Wikipedia:

After a sneak preview of Gundam 00 on September 1, 2007, Anime News Network remarked “striking parallels” between the series and an earlier installment of the metaseries, Mobile Suit Gundam Wing (1995): “Like Gundam Wing, Gundam 00’s main story begins with hyper-powerful Gundam units appearing at various locales to execute slightly-less-than-Dynasty-Warriors-level mayhem in synchronized phases of a paramilitary operation.”[5] Later, Carl Kimlinger of Anime News Network suggested that just like Mobile Suit Gundam SEED adapted the original Mobile Suit Gundam (1979) for modern audiences, Gundam 00 is an attempt to do the same with Gundam Wing.[8] He also remarked that “its political flavour […] is distinctly post-9/11“.[8]

Oh, and the main protagonist looks promising as well. Finally, Goodbye Kira Yamato; Hello Setsuna F. Seiei!

A Gundam Meister and pilot of the Exia Gundam. He grew up in the war torn Middle East and was discovered as a pilot with huge potential by Celestial Being at the age of 14. He generally keeps his feelings inside and comes across as cool young man.

He can be described as taciturn and comes off as a knowledgeable young man. (from Wikipedia)

Now who does that remind you of??


“I hope you know, I hope you know
That this has nothing to do with you
It’s personal, myself and I
We’ve got some straightenin’ out to do….”

Listening to: “Big Girls Don’t Cry”Fergie

(I heard this one while on the bus en route to Makati about two weeks ago, I didn’t even know who the singer was – I can’t even remember the last time I listened to the radio – top 40 hits, anyone?- I think I’m becoming seriously “jurassic” when it comes to music 😀 Put it this way, “Famous Last Words” was the only song by My Chemical Romance I managed to like – O! The Horror! The Horror! – . I memorized snippets of the lyrics and searched the net for a bit, catchy tune, too. 🙂 )

Reading: “The Night Watch” by Sergei Lukyanenko

Watching: “HERO”(no, not HEROES – yes you got that right-) , the J-drama (another Takuya Kimura outing – funny as hell, I wish our “dramas” were a bit like this. But that’s like wishing for world peace.)

sunLast Movie Seen: “Sunshine” (It appears that the “critics” and I agree when it comes to this. It’s a good one. It may seem a rather odd film – one thing, Cilian Murphy playing against type as the “protagonist” – but the cast is solid (Hiroyuki Sanada, Michelle Yeoh, Benedict Wong, Rose Byrne, Cliff Curtis among others). Although , I’m a bit disappointed with the ending,when it suddenly took the “Event Horizon” route – complete with the ghastly villain.) But I liked it so much that I’m planning to do a “sketch” series of the characters – I don’t think I’m up to doing any “full” pieces at this time – in the spirit of HEROES.

Well, I’m a bit happy today. My Internet Connection was configured last night. Another something to counter the tedium.

It’s still the same thing at work. Day in day out. The world is….

Two job interviews, one tonight, one tomorrow. Let’s see what will happen.

So far, I’ve been contenting myself with a sketch or two every now and then.

di di3di3

sketch made by ayomr2007. “old picture” effect done on photoshop.

The picture on the left-most corner (Diana circa 1993) was done about a few months ago, which was obviously not finished, hence the immense white space near Diana’s fully shaded face (I might finish it someday- who knows), the one at the center (circa 1981) was done last week (in a fit of boredom – I was perticularly intrigued by her expression here, if you would like to know who she was “leaning” on, it’s none other than her “failed” Prince Charming. 😀 The third picture (circa 1997) was done sometime during August or September (which I am still uncertain what to make of).