The Lost Art

What a long week! And two months from now, I would have spent 3 decades on this “vale of tears”.  I’ll be 30 years old! Yeehaw! My face hasn’t changed much though. Not sure if that’s a bad or a good thing. I made a little progression “chart” below, just for fun. Ah, 1993 seemed such a long time ago!

By the way, I’m not talking about stolen artworks or lost paintings here. I’m referring to the “art of flirting”. When I was younger (meaning around 20 or so), I would have known exactly what to say to a guy showing some form of interest. I’ve never been a “flirting expert” in my 20’s but at least the conversation would have gotten somewhere interesting! The one I’m talking about in this case was some random American guy I recently met (not saying where). Here’s the gist of what transpired:

Guy: Hi! How are you?

Me: (a little surprised/bewildered, but slightly pleased. He’s not bad-looking and seemed nice too) I’m fine. Thank you!

(Compulsory introductory exchange)

(Awkward silence)….tick…tock…tick…tock…

Both of us: (smiling expectantly. Although after a minute or two, the smile starts to resemble that of Joker’s. Not a good thing. LOL.)

After several awkward attempts at establishing common ground, the whole thing fizzled like dead fireworks. Epic fail!

Guy said he loves romantic songs and movies. At which point I should have gotten the hint and said something like, “Oh yeah, me too!” Then proceeded to enumerate the various sugary chick flicks I’ve seen (my guilty pleasure. Haha! I would usually say I just love Science fiction and those artsy movies with no discernible endings, because I really do! But once in a while, I cave in to my inner girly-girl and watch those chick flicks)  and how our “meeting” seemed to resemble one of them. Add smiling a lot and batting eyelashes (well maybe not that).

I don’t really mind my age. At times, I don’t even feel 30, but things like these give some sort of wake-up call. In my imagined conversations with various imaginary guys (Haha), I even manage a joke or two. I’m not a bad conversationalist really (my friends tell me so, unless they’ve been lying to me all these years), I usually have good things to say. But when confronted with a real, live potential “person of interest”, all the knowledge seemed to have left my brain and ran for the hills in a hurry. 😛

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