Tuesday(Día de los Muertos)Odds and Ends

Quick post before watering the plants downstairs. Then taking a nap. Then waking up (do numerous things in between such as draw, read, watch a bad movie, stare at the ceiling, etc.) Then going to work. Wash, rinse and repeat.

Our apartment complex looks like the Manila North Cemetery last night. For some reason, many of our neighbors decided to place numerous candles around the place (saw a lot on doorsteps and verandas) Which got me thinking. Since some of the living cannot visit the (jam-packed) cemetery, maybe the “dead” can visit them instead? (*shivers*) Anyway, if I were one of the “departed”,I would make sure to stay the hell away from the cemetery during Nov. 1 and 2. The racket is enough to wake the dead as it is (imagine all your relatives, even the ones who “hate” you when you were alive, converging on your tombstone/stage/camping ground. They have brought not just flowers and a prayer, but also Karaoke (If I have to hear my uncle singing “My Way” again!!), food and booze(!) -complete with “pulutan” of course. I think I’d prefer to wander around the seventh level of Dante’s inferno.

Did numerous “silly” things during the weekend, first of which is to accidentally sit on my glasses! Maybe I can lay the blame upon my uncle’s unannounced arrival. First time it happened since, well, since I started wearing glasses – which was in high school. Friends have been forever bugging me to get contact lenses instead, but no way, Jose! I just don’t trust contact lenses or anything that I had to actually stick inside my eyes for that matter. Naturally, I had to replace them since I don’t want to go around seeing everything in “watermark”. Blerg!

Second of which is to..wait, I can’t think of anything else right now. It must be because I’m stuffed. Decided to eat lunch earlier (instead of sleeping). Had One and HALF(!!!) helping of rice (que horor!) They had “Morcon” and “Puso ng Saging”, so I really can’t help it.  😀

And now that I am done with this completely pointless post, I will sleep for a bit (the plants can wait for a little while longer).