Whatever happened to..?

This post is exactly what I’ve been trying to prevent myself from writing since Friday. I will not mention specifics, to protect myself and one other person extremely important to me.
2. (noun) meritocracy
the belief that rulers should be chosen for their superior abilities and not because of their wealth or birth

(and also not based on how well they “tickle” the powers that be)

What I wanted to convey was a sense of outrage (which should have been written in block letters  and peppered with ten exclamation points ) with the developments (if it can be called that) last Friday. I’ve always believed (beneath all the cynicism) that if you perform really well in whatever it is you are doing, then you’ll get whatever it is that you deserve to have.  But I suppose that was mightily naive of me. As they say, the world is divided into people who do things – and the ones who get the credit.

As someone who never really bothered in learning “The Art of Ass Kissing”, but rather concentrated on getting the job done (and done well) I find “the events of last Friday” very disturbing indeed. This strongly reminded me of a passage from the book “Hannibal” by Thomas Harris. This was the part where Clarice was contemplating about her years with the Bureau. Something like..”in a time when she believed that if you could cut it, you will be rewarded. Regardless of race, gender, political belief and whether you are a good old boy or not. In all of these, one thing remains in her article of faith, she still believed she could cut it.”

I would have liked to write more. But that will be all for now. I’ll have to observe what happens next.

Listening to: “Breath & Life” by Audiomachine (from the album “Eterna”).

A truly epic piece of music. It sort of helps me calm down, as I am really pissed (there I’ve said it) at the moment.


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