..it’s a “bloody” week

Listening to: “Bless the Child”  by Nightwish

(another great band from Finland, the combination of orchestra and heavy guitars really work, and the lyrics were not your everyday lot – most of them have Tolkien references, plus Tarja’s voice is absolutely divine)

So far, it has been an exhausting week, mainly because I have to do a lot of memorisation (and it was never my strong point – I prefer essays when I was at school). Not to mention my neighbors are killing me. It’s the town fiesta and the stage was set up right outside the apartment! It’s enough to drive you insane, the programme last night went on until about 12:00 in the evening.

Revising for the training exam tomorrow. But I decided to watch movies last Saturday, a brief review:

“I am Legend” (starring Will Smith) – part zombie, part science-fiction, part survival movie (seeing as he’s apparently the last man on Earth – well, the undead doesn’t really count). Quite a good one. Will Smith’s acting was spot on as usual, you really get to sympathise with his character (talking to mannequins to create the illusion of fellowship; hounded by “former-members-of-the-human-race” at night; saddled with guilt because he was one of the people responsible for mankind’s current condition; although he gets to live in a posh NY flat, sad thing the dog “died”).

“The Haunted Apartments” (Japan) – another “japanese-guys-are-perverted” story. Not really that scary, more like sad and gross (yes, if the perpetrator behind the fiasco was a complete stranger I’d have understood, but no, it’s someone who was supposed to support and protect the protagonist). Some really wacky scenes (people rushing to get inside the rope by 12:00 midnight, the husband and wife eating salt – and later “themselves” vampire-style – when the food ran out) abound as well.

“Jisatsu Sakuru” (The Suicide Circle) Japan – there’s only one word to describe this, it’s “twisted”. The opening act was horrible enough (54 high school girls casually throw themselves off the station flatform onto the incoming subway train, cheerily holding hands and counting, “A one..a two..a three!”, a minute later the station was soaked in blood). In the weeks that follow, a “suicide plague” sweeps the country – as if people suddenly found “dying” fashionable (for reasons unknown, seemingly normal individuals happily jump off buildings, strangle or shoot themselves). In the middle of this madness, were two very baffled police detectives, a cross-dressing Charles Manson copy-cat, a mysterious sports bag filled with human skin, a creepy website and a pop group named “Dessart”. But if you were to look beyond the gore and weirdness, you will see that this is a social commentary with a very important message, “love yourself”, “never lose your identity”. 

So tell me, “Are you connected?”


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