Happy Holidays!

Listening to: “The Scientist” by Coldplay

WiP: “Hyakkimaru & Dororo” (based on the 2007 movie, started yesterday – did the outline sketch for both and managed to shade Dororo’s face, maybe my “magnum opus” for 07, but then it could be my Jan. 08 offering, depending on when I’ll finish it.) And I have to have that “Mrs. Coulter” portrait scanned, it will probably be my year-ender.

Yey! Finally Episode 10 of “Tantei Galileo” was out (no SARS subs yet though, just the RAW version). Interesting ending. Yukawa-sensei was both funny and irritating 😀 Now, I sincerely hope there will be a Season 2. Ah! And there will be a movie (out by 2008), I heard.

Episode 12 of “Gundam 00” was available as well. No big development. Setsuna came back home, and the situation at fictional Azadistan is starting to resemble that of the recent events in real-world Pakistan.

Tried watching a couple of movies yesterday. Cesar Montano’s “Ligalig” – serial killer/split persona thing – was a “mixed bag” of sorts. Story’s as predictable as hell (just imagine Johnny Depp’s “Secret Window”). But compared to other local films, well, at least it tried to break some conventions (with little success though). Then there’s the Thai film, “The Unseeable”. Creepy. But the plot is quite similar to “The Others”.

Well then, Happy Holidays!


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