“..out on a limb..”

Listening to: “Shatter” by Feeder

Reading: “The Night Watch” by Sergei Lukyanenko ( decided to give it a rest with “Journeys” for a while), plus excerpts of “Diana: In Search of Herself” by Sally Bedell Smith, and I found this most interesting passage(s) – some of which I can “relate” to:

..In fact, her friends supplied only partial and often contradictory views, because she was incapable of fully revealing herself to anyone…

…she was so mercurial. Even those close to her had trouble grasping what was going on in her mind. Her moods were volatile, causing her friends and relatives to walk on eggshells to avoid provoking her. “Sometimes she appeared to change from one moment to the next,” her second cousin Robert Spencer told me. “One time she would be sweet and glad to see you, the next she would be distant.”

These frequent shifts in her personality reflected her fragile sense of herself and the turbulence of her emotions.

Well, enough of that. I’ve made several updates on the website as well. The December 2007 calendar is up (featuring Jane Eyre) and I decided to add another page – https://leiaskywalker.wordpress.com/past-calendar-designs/ , just a collection of my old Calendar layouts.

I’ll be damned. I may have to jump to the nearest bridge soon or else retreat to Batanes Islands. Do you know how it feels like to have an “ax” hovering over your head? Ready fall at the slightest provocation? I know I do. It appears I’m hell bent on “digging my own grave”. How else could I explain my latest move? Once again my recklessness got the better of me.

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