It’s “L” for Light…

I just have to say this.

The truth is, I don’t normally support Yaoi. But for Death Note, I’ll make an exception. L and Light (or Raito) are far more “compatible” than say, Misa and Light (this one is truly one sided relationship – all the erm…’passion’ is on Misa’s side, and it’s obvious that the psychopathic Light is incapable of giving any form of “normal” affection. Besides, I don’t like Misa’s character at all. Apart from being such an intellectual “inferior” (forgive me, but I believe a healthy dose of intellectual sparring between men and women should be the order) to Light – although she can be shrewd at times – she is “childish” – how many people do you know refer to themselves in third person, eh? – and annoying – i understand she can be quite “useful”, but is the equivalent of a “dumb blonde”. Yes, I thought we might hit that “snag”, I’m having difficulty finishing the anime because of her character. I thought Light deserved a better “partner.”

Going back to Light and L. Theirs is attraction in it’s deadliest form. They are intellectual equals (although “moral” opposites). Kind of reminds me of the mental sparring between Clarice Starling & Hannibal Lecter (L manages to break Light’s normally cool facade.. 🙂 . I love the tennis match. and a few episodes – been jumping episodes so I can avoid the ones that include Misa – before L’s death, both of them standing in the rain.) – or else Will Graham.


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