another (night) ends.

Listening to: “Tsubasa no Keikaku” – DaI

Reading: “Diana” (Sarah Bradford); “Teacher Man” (Frank McCourt); “Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows” (J.K. Rowling) – for the Nth time. 😀

Watching (or will be watching): “The Interpreter”

ah well. the calls were just about moderate tonight. thankfully my “sniffles” did not escalate to full-blown flu (my throat hurts a bit though, no doubt, because of the practically ceaseless talking… I’m most definitely not a talkative – with those im comfortable with i can be – person, but my job requires me to be so..”thank you for calling…” and all that sh*t).

Finally I was able to submit the two new drawings I mentioned in my previous post.

  • LukeS About Luke Skywalker:
    I wanted to capture both his “curiosity” & “naivety” (is that the right word?), so I picked this one of him practicing, learning about the force – for the first time- on board the Falcon. (taken from my DA Account)

LeiaOAbout Leia Organa:
For this one, I wanted to focus on her “determination”, “shrewdness”,” courage” and “spirit”. I chose this one slightly looking up, as if to say “got any problem?” ;p
(taken from DA account)

So far the DeviantArt (not to mention – the SW web forum Ive been a member for about…five years now) reception to these has been great. 🙂 Thanks to those who commented and “faved”. Hopefully, I ‘ll be able to start the next two pieces -“Han Solo” & “Ben Kenobi”, due to “overwhelming public demand” ;p I think I’d start with Ben Kenobi. But that is after I finished “Harry Potter – OotP”. I’ve started the sketch (face), but my city dwelling (;p) isn’t conducive to drawing (i’ll probably be able to work on it when I come home to the province on my next off).

I was even able to submit something for my account, Alucard Fahrenheit from Castlevania (below), some fossil i rescued from the days of yore…:) Done specifically during my senior year (November 2000, I think).


On other matters, it’s been raining nonstop for days (the streets near to where i live now resemble oceans – now that’s a bit of an exaggeration…but – ) yesterday the flood was up to my upper legs (I saw more than 5 roaches -dead, naturally- swimming in there *shudders*). I think there is a storm (i don’t know the name though, the last one was called “Chedeng”). I’m preparing to go home now, hopefully the water will have receded a bit (or else i’ll run out of something to wear, pants specifically, the one i was wearing yesterday was soaked along with my sneakers).

BTW, been planning this for days (weeks actually), I was able to “rip” the “Harry Potter How To Save a Life” YouTube vid (- the one I featured earlier in this blog – for viewing purposes only). I had a bit of trouble looking for the converter. Now it’s on my MP3 player (as an AMV file). :)*yey*

Ok, ciao for now mateys…i need some sleep! 🙂


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