…..a pirate’s life for me….

1 day to go and it’s my day off! This week has just been utterly “boring”! Except for the fact that I was able to work on “Swann&Sparrow” and “the padme collage” on and off, I try to balance the two. And finally, I have been able to create something with Photoshop (other than an occasional banner) – check out the May Calendar [off to the left please]. I try to practice whenever I have time (and money) as I don’t wish to get “rusty”, so to speak.

And today, as I was “answering the call of nature” in the bathroom, I overheard two other agents talking in the next cubicle, basically they’re “agonizing” about their “lack of choice” (in life in general), or rather how they feel “trapped”, I mean they’d rather be somewhere else than here (i mean who wants to take calls till they’re about 60?? – i would have entirely lost my faith in humanity by that time! – it’s like taking in “poison” in small doses, the more you listen to these callers -customers-the more you realize how “petty” our own existense (if it can be called as such) can be!) The other girl asked, “who wants to be here anyway?” Who knows, I sure don’t.
If I’d have lived in about 1900, I’d have been the sort of person who loves to go about (a wanderer). I just hate cramped spaces, I feel trapped. I prefer wide open fields….I invoke the image of fields from the movie Gladiator…you get the picture.

Given enough money and choice I’d like to be a full-time freelance artist (a portrait painter or photographer perhaps) . Anyway, in the meantime, I’ll practice with my technique (I’m quite happy with my progress, I’d like my portraits to have a certain “feeling” in it, after all that is the whole point).

I’m also “waiting for my age to catch up with my face”, this is never the first time I’ve been thought of as much, much older than I really am (while I appreciate the respect, it gets me from time to time)….


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