I see Red.

new layout. im currently in the “mitsuko-souma-mindset”, so, what better way to express it than change my layout (featuring her of course). the potc one was great, but i got a bit bored with it.

the truth is, im bored, with everything.

Watching: GitS: Stand Alone Complex (2nd Gig) – i like the story so far, plus the song (s).

WiP: Anakin & Padme – really enjoying this one. đŸ™‚ Im almost done, particularly with shading the Jedi costume.

Reading: “River of Darkness” by Rennie Airth

be returning to manila tomorrow. i have a new job as a call center agent, but like my previous jobs, im starting to get bored with it. sometimes when im walking on my way to work, i ask…is this what im supposed to do everyday?…..do someone else’ bidding?! im not supposed to be here! (where should i be then? – the image of wide open fields come to mind). but then, my more pragmatic side would whisper, in a very severe tone: “shut up with your nonsense and get your ass to work.” hehehe.


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