There is definitely something wrong here…

Pardon me, I have too much time in my hands. The thing is, I heard this when I was on the bus en route to Makati (almost half asleep, but then…), at first I could not believe my ears! Lupin? It can’t be that…must be LUPE or something, I thought frantically…but upon hearing the phrase “…based on the Japanese anime…”, my suspicions were proven right (unfortunately)…

There is DEFINITELY something TERRIBLY wrong with this equation, and I think any self-respecting anime fan would agree with me:

LUPIN = Richard Gutierrez (WHAT?? It’s a Disgrace! A Travesty! A Nightmare!)

L.U.P.I.N (yes people, THAT Lupin) Live Action is currently in production, spearheaded by GMA 7 (you know there was a time when I actually liked this TV station, but shows like Captain Barbell, Atlantica, and their latest “Asian Treasures”, featuring a thrift-store Lara Croft and Indiana Jones with bad hair, is about E-Nough!). If ever there was a question which needed to be asked, it is none other than: WHAT THE HELL??!!!

Where to start:

They totally “re-vamped” the series (which needed no “re-vamping” at all), I heard. And the director or whoever had the gall to dismiss the japanese version, and I quote, “yung japanese puro comedy, puro naughty…” (huh?) and there’s “itong version na ito, nilagyan namin sya ng back story (I doubt it is anything worth finding out, though), and love angle (GASP! more like a love tetrangle) , so that he will seem more human….” ( GASP ! eh? Personally the japanese anime makes it perfectly clear that Lupin IS human, it would take Richard Gutierrez though, to “Carboard-ize” -own word, savvy?- the character.)

And now the cast of characters in this…er…fiasco:

Aside from “Richy” as Lupin there is Rhian Ramos as Avril (Lavigne?) Legarda -well she does look a little bit like Avril. I guess she is the “Fujiko” (although don’t expect her to “look” and act like the Fujiko we know) .

And if you are looking for “Jigen” and “Goimon” – go look somewhere else. In place of our well-loved characters, there’s Katrina Halili as “Ashley” (simpson?) and Ehra Madrigal as Bridgette (fonda?) – see both the “side-kicks” and the “leading lady” are women (pardon the pun), like they wanted to desperately prove how cool with the girls Lupin is, do I smell a rat here?….and Detective Zenegata is reborn as Inspector Clavio (a stinker of a name, if you ask me) played by Janno Gibbs.

I recommend they do a Gundam Series Live Action, with Richard Gutierrez as either The Gundam or The Asteroid.



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