Sun in Capricorn/ Moon in Scorpio

Just found this one out.
My Sun is in Capricorn and my Moon is in Scorpio.
These are my characteristics as an individual (apparently):

The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces in you an extremely strong inner drive and a keen sense of your own importance as an individual. A certain rigid inner pride keeps your self-respect always at a high level. Early on, temperament may be a problem, but as you mature cooperation is learned and a judicial and rather stern nature rules the personality. A very reserved individual, you often express yourself in quiet ways, always remaining perfectly capable of communicating disapproval without saying even a word. Most people think of you as a very reasonable person and in may ways you are. It is very difficult, however, to ever persuade you that you are wrong because of a highly inflexible core within. Often you may use the tactic of appearing not to understand the other person’s point of view, even when it is quite clear to you. You are very honorable, loyal, and devoted, with a keen sense of the sobriety of life, and of your duty as a part of it. Right or wrong, you hold to your first impressions of people, especially if those first impressions were not good. You are a very understanding of people and their problems, and while you usually can remain very much detached, you are a good listener and provide sound advice. Emotions never seem to interfere with your reasoning power.

mostly true. especially the “strong will and inner pride”. I am loath to be told what I should do. I tend to do what I like, I stick to what I want. i have read somewhere that I am “hard to influence”. I don’t know if this is good or bad though. ;p

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  1. I to have my Sun in Capricorn and my Moon in Scorpio, and it fits me like a glove.

    And I also deslike being told what to do… as I must be in charge of my own life!

  2. I have sun in Capricorn/Moon in Scorpio, and this is true. My first impressions of people I have meet are 9/10 correct about the person. I have a very strong inner core and have learnt to accept myself for this. I don’t like to be told what to do especially when my instinct tells me to do the opposite. And I like other strong will people too.

  3. I dont agree, with some of it. I am really easy going, I also have mars in scorpio, jupiter, and venus. I am a bit of a comedian.
    not sure if theirs truth in this stuff

  4. I know someone with this combo, along with a Libra rising. The part that is true is the “commmunicating disapproval without even saying a word” deal. Adding the Libra rising softens the person up a bit, but the silent treatment is given when an argument or drama wants to be avoided with someone else.

    1. T. I’m curious about the person you know with this combo. I’m also a Capricorn sun, Scorpio moon, Libra rising… I’ve always wondering what it would be like to know someone that shares my main aspects, would we have similar careers/interests/lifestyles? Perhaps you can persuade your friend to contact me.

      …Interesting coincidence that I would come across your post exactly a month after you posted it.

      1. Lia, my reply to you is about 2 months later, but the person I know with this combo is my brother. He does not read into or pay attention to astrology like I do, but you can ask me anything else and I would be happy to reply to you. If you prefer, you can tell an email address and I will reply to any questions there. Thanks.

      2. I have a Capricorn sun, Scorpio moon and Libra rising. My emotion comes out through my eyes. But I also have my moon in the 1st house as well as Pluto. There are days when I feel like a people magnet. I’ve had girls tell me the way I look at them Is what attracts them. I have so much emotion bouncing around inside me that It can’t come out verbally or people think I’m insane, so it all is shown through my eyes. But I was raised by Scorpios with an Aries sister so i don’t feel uncomfortable getting loud around people who know me. But i was interested when I read that you know someone with the same combination as me.

      3. I have always wondered the same thing. I, too, am cap sun, libra rising, and scorpio moon and although there are so many more factors, it is overall true. Pretty neat that someone else out there has a pretty good idea of what is going on when no one else does.

      4. Wow Lia, I am the same. Cap sun Scorpio moon and Libra rising. I have this inner pride in myself, I work on becoming my greatest version. I often feel better than everyone else, but I am humble about it externally.

        Great to see someone with same star signs.

      5. Hi i too have capricorn sun and scorpio moon …with libra rising …. i wish too contact you ….too knoew your emotional roller coast you have been too….since the combination of sun mercury and mars within 7 degree plus saturn aspect moon make me in turmoil of innet burst…

  5. Ugh. I just broke off an engagement with a Cap/Scorpio Moon: Demanding, inflexible, closed-minded and controlling who never could empathize beyond his own frame of reference and his own (bottomless pit of) demands and “needs”. It was nice to read that they are not all like that.

  6. they seem inaccessible. i find a guy with these aspects attractive. i am a moon in sag and sun in taurus. would there be any compatibility?

    1. Oh my goodness. I’m a Sagittarius sun and Taurus moon. How awesome =)

      I “dated” a Capricorn/Scorpio but he was just too reserved and we got into a lot of fights. We got into a fight three weeks ago and I’ve lost touch of him since then. I can’t stand being far apart from him. I’m hurting on the inside and I don’t know what to do. Yet he acts like nothing happened(I’ve seen from from a distance). =/

      1. I’m a Capricorn Sun, with a Scorpio Moon and a Libra rising. Some Sometimes we try to hide our emotions when we’re really hurting like crazy. If you really want him back, your gonna have to throw all your emotions out on the table and show 110% that you want him back and you want things to change, then back off for a while and wait for him to come to you.

  7. Thanks For The Advice, Sammy. I’m Grateful For The Advice But It’s Been 4 months Since I Talked To Him. Would He Still Listen?

    After I Posted The Post We Got Back Together. Sadly, It Didn’t Go Well After That. We Got Into Another Fight And He Told Me I Was Shit To Him During The Fight. I Was So Shocked That I Left Him Without Talking To Him About It. I Was So Devastated. I Still Am, Sorta. I Don’t Know If I Want Him Back In My Life Or Not….Because Of What He Said To Me.

    If I Did Decide, To Ask Him To Come Back, How Can I Ask Him?

    May I Ask When You’re Birthday Is? >_<"

    1. hmmm i think the best thing for you to do is to apologize in a way that will get your point across in a subtle way that lets him remember you and wants you to chase him, the thing about scorpio suns and moons is that they want what they think they cant have. You need to throw all your emotions out at them and just leave and give them space to remember you, once they understand that you may not comeback on your own they’ll overlook all that happened and try to get you back(even if there method might be a little rigid). I think the best way to ask him to comeback to you is through a love letter. One thats very poetic and romantic has something in it that reminds him of you, lets say perfume or a kisses, memories of the good times, or anything that will bring back memories of you to him. But its important that you don’t give it to him directly maybe leave it by his doorstep or in his mailbox O.o

      sorry i got to this late btw

      My birthdays January 15, 1993 and i have the moon in the first house, whats yours?

  8. how will the compatibility of these guys be with sun in taurus? i would appreciate some real life experience since i already know about sun opposition moon synastry!

  9. Hey :)) I also have sun in cap, moon in scorpio and libra rising.. I often can’t deal with my strong feelings and desires, but the thing that bothers me most is that I can’t find my future profession, what to study and work..please give me some advices 🙂

  10. Hey :)) I also have sun in cap, moon in scorpio and libra rising.. I often can’t deal with my strong feelings and desires, but the thing that bothers me most is that I can’t find my future profession, what to study and work..please give me some advices from your personal expirience 🙂

    1. i feel exactly the same as u do. I want to make money but now i m uncertain of were my heart is. Its not into anything.I can t decide for my profession or my self.

  11. hey teddy, i know a friend wid sun in cap moon in scorp and aries rising, he is into cricket, he is a good sportsmen and dusnt pay attention to his academics but has many feathers in his cap in his field n leadership skills. besides these aspects he has a lot of sagittarius in his chart…so may b d sports fever comes frm der!

  12. cap/scorpio-pisces rising
    i looved astrology…. dont know which profession i shuld get into yet but i sure do have a lot of interests in many creative and people related fields. whixh doesnt narrow my search much hahaa! i sometimes i wonder why i feel so msunderwtood but its just too much sensitivitu lol

  13. Im Born January 1st 92 And Im Libra Accendant,Capricorn Sun,Scorpio Moon…Also Have Sagg In Mercury And Venus…I Always Think Im Gonna Get Rich cause I Have Strong Visions..Basically Reality Dreams….Sometimes I Think Of Stuff Before It Even Happen…Anyway Im The Shit

    1. i am a capricorn sun, scorpio moon, libra rising, venus in sagittarius, MARS in Aries. I am …. good in business, have made many fortunes, can see things before they happen, am a visionary, have had the most beautiful women and lovers and I am aging half as fast as my friends, lovers and siblings. It is awful ….. mua hahahahahahaha ……

    2. I was born the same day with the same sun moon and ascendant as you also in 92. Sagg in Mercury and Venus also. wow

    3. i jst cnt blieve. um born on 1st jan 92 wid same combo evn i fl lyk il be rich smeday wid my hard iner drive

  14. Me
    Sun – Libra
    Moon – Taurus
    Rising – Virgo
    Mercury -Virgo
    Venus – Leo
    Sun – Capricorn
    Moon – Scorpio
    Rising – Gemini
    Mercury – Sagittarius
    Venus – Aquarius

    My name is Stephanie and I’ve been dating a guy named Ryan for almost three years. Everyday we tell eachother how much we’re inlove and we have spent 24 hours a day together ever since we met. We can’t be seperated and our love grows deeper and deeper for eachother each day. I have fallen inlove with him, all of him haha even the part of him that annoys me at times, I can’t live without having it. I can’t even begin to say how grateful I am to have such an amazing boyfriend. When I first met him he was quiet and whenever he did open up he was a goofball haha. He’s a Hockey player, Skydiver, and a new artist. I’m a Designer trying out Culinary. I want to be a house wife and he’s perfectly fine with that which I LOVE. We do get into arguments at times but never and I mean NEVER has he cursed at me. Whenever we get in arguments in less than an hour we make up because we can’t be apart for very long. The longest we havent talked for was for about 2 days (hockey game) and I must say… it was so painful for both of us. The reason we havent wed is because I want a HUGE wedding lol and we’re earning up money but I’m starting to have second thoughts on that because I just want to get married NOW! haha. I just wanted to let everyone know, Capricorn Sun with Scorpio Moon is the best combination ever!… aside from mine xD. If theres a couple out there with these combinations please email me or add me on youtube =D

      1. me too, what would you say your personality is like? also what are you physical characteristics? your intelligence level? your passions? and love life like?

        any other sun cap, moon scorp, gemini accendants out there that can add?

      2. I don t know what my personality is like. I might seem very happy and chirpy on the outside but on the inside I feel very lonely when I m away from friends.I m on the healthy side. I would say I m good with academics then with other things in my life at the moment. That doesn t mean that I m super intelligent just that I m only good at one thing now.
        My passions, I don t have any passions in life as of now.
        My love life sucks, people just leave me, they don t choose me as their life partner though they want to keep good friendship with me.I m a very lonely person inside and it hurts inside, though I never show it on the outside.
        Tell me something about your self. I would love to know .

      3. mee tooo 😀 ….kinda sucks though. peopl think im crazy…or maybe they just know i am…and it scares me. but i kinda dont care cos some day i will find a wonderful scorpio with a virgo moon or gemini with a cap moon and scorpio asc. :0 oh shit that would be sexy. or even aries…oh my god i i love aries! err….until then i shall be violently psychologically abused by sagittarious. fuck em.

      4. also, “sweet”, thats exactly how i feel. its actually really hard for me to express how i feel to people i care about because i fear showing way too much. i dont want to waste myself on someone who doesnt intertwine with my passion for passion….but i dont want to be suffocated either. and truely, i get so bored when i focus on just one thing. it makes me feel like a one trick pony. im so stubbornly open minded. i can see so many possiblities…but i cannot get myself to stay chipper unless im with a croud or doing something to better myself.(I run 25-40miles a week)….but sometimes my emotions are just so extreme…it all varys. i can be self destructive and self blaming.

    1. Hi! Me and a guy I like have the same sun moon combination as yours.
      I’m sun-cap

      Him: Sun-Taurus gem cusp

      It’s been 8 months, and we have a weird relationship. Can’t live with him can’t live without him. We push each other’s buttons a lot but I’ve to say we share an unexplainable bond. It’s a roller coaster journey and I’ve come to love it. We’ve been apart since a month at maximum,partly my fault-but the reunion was so emotional and genuine. Its a long distance relationship and I don’t really mind that apart from the part where we get to see each other so rare due to work and distance. Good luck to you with your guy

  15. I’ve got a sun in Cap,moon in scorp and also rising in scorp. All I know is that my personality is pretty offbeat,I never colour within the lines 🙂 also quite artistic .Rigid ? Sometimes…Ambitious 100% .I can never call it a day untill I’ve reached goals .

  16. do they ever change their mind about people? the guy i like has this combo. i made a very bad first impression on him. its just that in his presence i am not myself. i feel drawn to this guy like a moth to a flame. when talking to me he is alright but behind my back, while talking to a common friend he asks her whether i am ‘insane’? i told my friend to convince him about me but i dont really know whether he has changed his mind about me. i like him to death. for the first time i have liked a guy so much. now i am so scared to talk to him, i went out of touch and lost him.(never had him anyway). please tell me how can i change his opinion about me?

    1. you need to tell him what you feel about him and want from him and then pull off the field of love battles and let him decide. do this and he will be yours if he finds you attractive enough. i am this combination and what i like is direct talk and a promise of love so do this. give him a few days to think about it and then call him and invite him out. if he goes he is yours.

      1. thank you for your feedback stuart. but my bad impression could ruin my chances. if he is reasonable then he shouldnt hold on to this because it is unreasonable to judge someone by their first impression. thanks a lot again.

  17. Wow… I’m a female in my mid-twenties with a Taurus Sun, Scorpio Moon with Virgo Ascendant and have been searching for a Capricorn Sun, Scorpio Moon to date! So many on this thread… any single males in California want to drop me a line?

    1. I live in Bell Canyon in the West SFV off Valley circle near Calabasas. I am cap sun, moon in scorpio, mars in aries, asc in libra … if this interests you? 🙂 I am a very capable, strong and creative personality … not that it matters but am extremely well off, have A finE mind, am easy to look at and have a great sense of style and humor.

      1. and i get back home this friday if you want to contact me off this thread … send you pics etc 🙂 i love taurus women and sharing our scorpio moons would be very very intense i should think. serious n looking for the one “still”.

  18. The person that mentioned the no idea what profession to go to is indeed like me..I am a cap scorp..and well..I think I could do so many careers, the spectrum feels wide.. like become a lawyer (think Nancy Grace) or be a comedian (think Chelsea Handler)’s all up in the air for me..I follow my path stay straight and goal oriented and always follow my heart over my head anyday..Which can be bad at a professional and sometimes personal level one mentioned high stress levels..but I feel that alot..It’s hard for me to control my tears and anger sometimes..i always feel like I am being misunderstood or from first glance snobbish, brutal and I feel like my inner core is so far from those two characteristics..that I retaliate by my words (anger). I know as A cap, Scorpio combo my emotions ego and drive can be used positively and can bring me great success if it doesn’t kill me in the trek for the treasure on the top of the mountain (we are goats in the Zodiac)..

    1. I kind of feel similar about my anger now a days. I recently punched a window pane in my home cause the window got jammed.I m a sun cap, moon scorp , gemini accendant female.I m in my late twenties.I too have a lot of stress but I have gotten used to it and I don t usually like talking about my stress .Yes the tears do come and I m soft inside though people at home think I have an attitude. Feels awful, cuts like a knife.
      I want to know how can a cap scorp ego be used positively….

      1. oh man. me too. this is so strange 😮 THIS IS SO COOL. yeah my anger problem gets bad when i block it out (even though im well aware that im blocking it out). do you get along with geminis well? i get along best with geminis, scorpios, and virgos…sometimes sag..but they seem to try too hard.. yeah people think i am judging them harshly and i am my WORST critic…only i really only am hard on myself, i think everyone esle is super interesting…but that could just be because my mercury is in sag.

  19. do u guys like body art? tattoos and piercing too much? i know everyone is an individual here. but i dont know what similarities and differences to expect. lol. if a you get dumped without a reason, do you forgive? how forgiving are you? this combo makes one very reserved, so what to expect as far as sexual nature is concerned? sorry for so many questions, but m dating a guy with this combo. i prefer to look before i leap. i want this guy to commit to me!

  20. I came across this webpage when I googled my first 3 signs. It would be cool to meet someone who is either a cap sun, scorpio moon, libra rising OR someone who is a scorpio sun, libra moon, capricorn rising. I’m libra sun in 12th house, capricorn moon & scorpio rising along with scorp mercury & scorpio mars; Virgo venus.
    Anyway, my co-worker boss is an elder lady(35 years older than me) who is a Virgo sun, libra moon and ? rising while the rest of her chart is all air and fire. No kidding, She only has one earth placement in her chart and NO water. She has like 6 planets in Libra. Her and I clash alot. I effortlessly annoy her with my quiet, secretive nature because she is really talkative, gossipy, boastful and is literally loud(Leo mercury). She thinks I am boring because I never tell her any gossip or any info about my personal life. lol. I don’t care she thinks that though because I go to my job to WORK. I go to work to focus on doing my work and not to sit around and chit-chat on the phone or be gossiping. I get annoyed that she has tried to set me up on dates with customers just because they ask her if I’m married or single. She stopped when I told her I have this personal rule that I will not a date a customer and that I don’t use my job to meet men. The truth about me is I hardly date and when I do try to meet someone, I don’t do it at work or with customers. lol. She has learned that I am not tacky.

    Ok, I was looking up about the libra, cap, and scorp placements and ended up ranting about my co-worker at my job. lol.

  21. Sun in Cap, Moon in Scorp, Leo Rising. Reserved for sure and poetry helps me to express a lot of what never gets out in the open, LOVE to play drums, Drawing portraits since age 4 and a die hard romantic;) and I’ve always been this way and when I looked up my birth chart not too long ago and it told me nothing new.

    1. Sun in cap, moon in scorp, gemini rising female. Please contact me i d like to talk with like minded people more.. U can add me on yahoo…There s an inner need to be understood and that never happens with my folks. Mundane things irritate me a lot. I believe in having a purpose in things I do . Don t like whiling away time unless its music n even then its very soul stirring.I also used to paint in school, I m also fond of musical instruments, used to play the key board. Its some inner drive. Also wrote a bit of poetry in school..

  22. Nice posts here!! Im a Capricorn Sun, Scorpio Moon with Aquarius Rising. Seems like a lot of air rising signs here too….good thing coz i think it must lighten us up a bit! In regards to those who were wondering what to do in life, im 34 now, and it took me a few years to realise what i wanted to do. Im a nurse, however when i finished school it definately was not on my radar – i thought it was too “girly” and “weak” as a career choice. But then again, all i wanted to study was sport so i did that but then had no idea what to do after i finished my PE degree. Found nursing in a round-about way, but glad i did. I like helping others, yet it also brings up a lot of challenges which i like to try to master. One of those challenges is understanding a patient’s personality to be able to get along with them better than any other nurse can. The more challenging the patient’s personality, the more interesting i find it to try and get them on my side. Love my career choice. But it did take a few years of working it out. Good luck with it all 🙂
    In regards to the personality, i am reserved, but funnily i think i have a friendly approach to people and my first impressions on others is friendly, approachable and open, however the longer i know people, the more reserved i seem to them, which even i find annoying, coz then it becomes an effort to get back to the light hearted personality they knew me from the start. Anyway, nice reading all the other posts here. 🙂

  23. hey, i was wondering whether these guys are really cold and detached? i am really attracted to a guy with these placements, i got in a relationship with him. Then i broke up with him. i wanted to patch things up but he would’nt take me back! he got very pissed and said he had to focus on his career and go places and long distance would be difficult! which was very true, but why did he get into the relationship in the first place? can anybody tell me from their experiences about the detached aspect of their personality?

    1. I’m cap sun Scorpio moon libra rising sagg Venus Aries moon. Firt off he is not detached. You screwed up baby. You rejected him. He was probably willing to overlook distance but you bailed on him. The cap in him sees no sense in getting dumped again.. It’s just cold logic. His Scorpio into angry with you and once rejected we will lock your ass out and find some who will appreciate one of us! Next!

      1. OMG!!! You’re so right about that…. Happened to me exactly as you explained! Oh well, one more lesson learned. Out of all the guys I’ve dated, he was, by far “THE BEST”!! So ladies, if you find one of these rare breeds, hold on tight and don’t let go. He’ll fill everyone of your needs, plus ones you didn’t even know you had…. Lol

  24. I’m a sun sign Capricorn, moon sign Scorpio, and Cancer rising gal. I’m 34 now. I worked in healthcare for nearly 10 years and loved the interaction with my patients, but HATED having to deal with the beaucratic BS when people “over” me wanted to pull rank just because they were “over” me. I totally respect that there has to be rules and order (in all areas, not just work), but I hate and despise when pinheads who won’t ever (or CAN’T ever) look at all sides to any given situation are given authority to harass others. I’m artistic and creative, and though I pulled a lot of crazy and stupidly dangerous things when I was younger, I find myself being much more conservative (NOT POLITICAL STATEMENT) and strict with my kids than I thought I’d would be when I was a kid. I think I’m a kind hearted person, and everything I do is for my husband/kids. I’m friendly but I definitely like my privacy. If I love you dearly you can get away with just about anything, well, I will forgive you, anyway, but for anyone else to wrong me badly, especially if I let my guard down with them, I would never let that person come close to ever getting a chance to hurt me or cause problems for me again. I can be either really fun and silly or gloomy at other times. Most of the time I think I look at things practically and pragmatically; but I also have a strong intuition that waxes and wans. When it’s “on” it can give me chills sometimes. I probably told you guys more than you wanted to read about me…are there any other Capricorn, Scorpio, Cancers out and about?

  25. my sun in Capricorn and moon in Scorpio and been a scorceress,soul bender etc is not true for me.Remember you’ve to look at the whole chart of a person .Astrology goes very deep there’s layer and layers of astrology.

  26. I also have sun in Capricorn with moon in Scorpio. I’m pretty opinionated and have a smart mouth sometimes Lol. Luckily I have some friends and family who understand me, even if I’m a bit annoying. For the most part though, I believe in “Live and let live” …unless you fuck with my personal freedom, my money or my family. Nothing’s worse than feeling like I’m trapped, or I must submit, or have no choice or power in a situation. That’s when I keep my emotions in check & plot to slowly but surely knock you off your high place and I don’t play around 🙂 I’ll get you 🙂 Then I’ll go back to balancing my checkbook and taking care of my fam

    1. I’ve been described at work as calm and silent and “all business”. I’ve done a lot of clerical and accounting-type jobs. It bores me but it’s a practical choice for now. My hobbies include writing, watching standup comedy, funny movies, drawing, painting, design apps, hiking, nature, and DAYDREAMING! (Thanks to my Pisces Ascendant) I also love noisy sex and saying I love you. It’s a turn on. I wanna be made to feel like a little girl 😉 I always end up with bad boys, possessive men and dramatic relationships because I’m drawn to their intensity and depth. I just can’t feel satisfied with ‘normal guys’ who are boring and too calm and too easy-going. But I’m getting better. I feel like I’m more mature everyday and this has helped me to dodge bullets from crazy people lol.

  27. Me:Sun in Cap, Scorpio moon with Leo Rising
    Her: Sun in Aquarius, Libra moon with Aquarius Rising.

    imagine two souls waiting disperatly to get to know one another for the losgest time, always knowing there was something there if ever given the chance. So I reached out to her, and have to say, the amount of love for each other is the love I’ve been searching for in everyone my entire love life. She’s sweet, Adorable. Beautiful. It’s soooo nice to finally meet someone who feels the same way you do about them ❤
    I drew her a portrait 4 years ago. She was married back then, soul mates just always end up together

    1. Me:Sun in Cap, Scorpio moon with Leo Rising
      Her: Sun in Aquarius, Libra moon with Aquarius Rising.

      imagine two souls waiting disperatly to get to know one another for the losgest time, always knowing there was something there if ever given the chance. So I reached out to her, and have to say, the amount of love for each other is the love I’ve been searching for in everyone my entire love life. She’s sweet, Adorable. Beautiful. It’s soooo nice to finally meet someone who feels the same way you do about them ❤
      I drew her a portrait 4 years ago. She was married back then but I had no idea. Before that, when we were much younger she use to come to my youth group as i was a youth leader back then, she use to come for the live music and listen to us worship. Then ended up meeting through a friend. it would be a long time before we'd see each other. Then intermittently throughout the years, for she had been adopted and was living somewhere else. Now after so long of knowing each other, there's no other better feeling than getting to be with someone you've always wanted to be with and get to by lay down beside them, to admit; they've always wanted as well 🌸🍂🌺🌻🌷🍾🍁🍃🌾🌼♑️♒️ and maybe just as much…

  28. Cap sun
    Librs rising
    Scorpio moon

    And i thoroughly enjoyed this thread as a lot of similar characteristics and experiences were echoed. I only wish there was a follow up group or a reddit sub catgory to continue this conversation.

    Lets hope our powers combine to create and find such a resource.

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