so…last week on my latest job (penciller), be off to another job by march. probably call centers again, as I need to sustain myself while I prepare myself for going abroad. i can’t seem to be able to stay in one place for a long time (it causes lethargy and a sense of being trapped – it’s the most horrible feeling in the world).

oh…and the juicy part…I finally get to live alone (for the first time). Comes with mixed feelings of course, but also a sense of possibility and independence (the “nomad” in me is finally getting some “fun”). I plan to bed space, go home (san pablo, whenever i can) and practice my “life” sketching techniques ( in the morning I can still practice my portrait-making and at night go to work).

of course, it won’t always be smooth-sailing, but at least I get to take the reins in my own life. i went to this bookstore a little while ago and found this book “Living Alone & Liking It”….hehehe..seems appropriate.

The Amidala portrait i’ve been working on is coming beautifully. it looks almost painterly and alive now… ;p no kidding. i’m going for a “soul-ful” portrait here, so far i’m quite successful.

I spent my two days off working on Amidala and watching Pirates of the Carribean 1 & 2 (that film manages to drive away – if only for a while – the more pressing problems in life; especially watching Jack Sparrow and gang perform their antiques. that can only be described as “pure fun”).

I’ve ceased watching “heavy” movies as of late. Maybe later on, when I’m in the mood.

“The Pearl is Freedom” – Captain Jack Sparrow



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