…coming soon

  • a tribute portrait to Diana, Princess of Wales (tenth year death anniversary). it will probably be black and white.
  • A story Im currently writing… Genji: A Tale of the Wandering Samurai. Told in the form of letters and journals (with occasional sketches…collages..etc…) written by the main character. I’ve done the draft (i fleshed out the character – vividly…something i dreamt about…i don’t know…) and a test entry. I’ll make an entire website about the story. I won’t divulge the other details yet, as I’m still finalizing it. I feel as though I’ve known the story all along, it’s just waiting to be told. ;P
  • Padme Skywalker Coloured (its time i test my newly acquired water-colour pencils). Ive started the sketch and done most of the left eye. So far I’m liking the results.