Green Miles

ok…so…its a new year! happy new year. however late. ive had a vaccum cleaner attached to my head recently. in short, the “headache” is back.

my weekend is moderately eventful. started a new padme sketch (using watercolour pencils this time). and finally i found, The Hours movie (thought i never would).

Went to Lucena City w/ mum to apply for a passport (so i can get the hell out of here!) Not much trouble. ah…i just noticed that Lucena has an awful lot of rivers (or maybe just one large with lots of tributaries) and mostly green leafy things all around.

Saw Escaflowne the Movie recently. But I find Sora (the real wing goddess??) and Folken more likable…although i can probably relate to both Folken and Hitomi. I found Van very irritating there for some reason (although i like him in the anime)…I’d probably give him a wack in the head instead if i were Hitomi… ;p beautiful song from sora….

And the SEMI-Launching of this site as my official blog!

Added a new page:

more updates & pages are coming up. once i figure out what i’ll put into them. ;p

by the lake

What do you say? me by the lake last christmas…. ;p

that’s it for tonight….;p

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